Dizziness Facts!

  • Dizziness affects 1 in 3 adults

  • On average dizzy patients consult 4-5 different consultants to get a correct diagnosis and treatment treatment

  • Nearly 100% of patients who seek medical help are given medications for their dizziness even though the medications have a very limited role with harmful side effects

  • While it takes less than half an hour to diagnose and treat a BPPV, the patients are often waiting for the correct diagnosis and successful treat for months to years

  • MRI & CT brain is frequently used, even though central pathology is rare in dizziness

  • Deficit in clinicians knowledge contribute to the incorrect diagnosis and incorrect treatments in dizzy patients

  • A significant number of patients with dizziness do not get prompt diagnosis and treatment. The poor outcome is often linked to the deficit in clinicians' knowledge specific to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of dizziness

  • When the patients do not get the right help from the clinicians, they often go for DIY diagnosis & treatment out of sheer desperation.
    But unfortunately, they rarely get it right

  • There are a lot of people suffer from dizziness.
    But there aren't enough VRT specialists to provide good quality care for these patients

(Arokkiyasamy) Selvanayagam

HCPC Registered PH 70083
Consultant- Vestibular Physiotherapist
Director- DizzyCare Academy

Samy is the founder and director of the DizzyCare Clinic Ltd. He received his bachelors of Physiotherapy (BPT) in 1996 from GIRM, Madras Medical College, TN MGR Medical University, India. After working for two years as a clinical physiotherapist and a tutor at the VIMSAR.
Samy did his Masters of Physiotherapy (MPT), specialising in Advanced neurology in 2000 at the VIMSAR, under TN MGR Medical University. After successfully completing the MPT, Samy continued his dual duties in clinical and academic for two years at the same Institution. In 2002 Samy moved to Mangalore, a costal cosmopolitan city in Karnataka, India and continued to work as a clinician and lecturer in the NITTE Institute of Physiotherapy (currently NITTE University)
Samy relocated to the UK in 2004. After working for a few months in a private hospital in Nottinghamshire Samy joined the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, National Health Services (NHS) as a senior physiotherapist in 2005 where he continues to work till now.
Samy became interested in the vestibular rehabilitation after attending a CPD course in 2006, run by Dr. Andrew Clements PT, PhD, a renowned vestibular physiotherapist in the UK. Following this, Samy started seeing patients with dizziness and falls while working in the Falls Prevention Service and over the years it progressed to become a well known Physiotherapist-Led Vestibular physiotherapy clinic within the region.
Samy attended several CPDs on the vestibular rehabilitation, among these the most important one was a week long course at the Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, run by Professor. Susan J Herdman PT, PhD and team in 2009. After completing this course, Samy successfully gained his competency certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation.
Samy founded the DizzyCare Clinic Ltd, a private clinic specialising in the vestibular rehabilitation, in 2012. Around the same time Samy began his teaching career in vestibular rehabilitation running CPD courses and workshops across the UK. Additionally, he has run several similar courses in India. Samy reckons, over the years, approximately 600 front-line healthcare professionals (Physios, GP, Medical consultants, audiologists, Nurses, Occupational therapists and clinical psychologists etc) have attended his one day workshops from the UK.
Recently, Samy lunched Online courses on VRT under the banner of DizzyCare Academy to make the VRT course accessible to the wider audience.

📧 dizzycareacademy@gmail.com

Online VRT Courses at the DizzyCare Academy

✔️ Easy access

✔️ No worries about booking AL

✔️ No need to worry about childcare/petcare

✔️ No need to worry about travel, traffic and accommodation

✔️ 12months access to the course content and updates

✔️100% fee refund policy

Acute Vertigo
Ax, Dx & Rx
"Made Easy for GPs"

This short course is suitable for GPs, Registrars, Trainee GPs and Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Introduction to VRT for the Beginners

Assessment, Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis of Vertigo, Dizziness & Unsteadiness


5 star rating

Fantastic course

samantha watson-smith

I completed this course virtually. I found it very thorough and has enhanced my knowledge of vestibular assessment and treatment. It is certainly a course wh...

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I completed this course virtually. I found it very thorough and has enhanced my knowledge of vestibular assessment and treatment. It is certainly a course which I feel I can put into clinical practice straight away. Thank you!

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5 star rating

Anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system

Derek Mould

Great presentation - wonderful slides and very clear.

Great presentation - wonderful slides and very clear.

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Difficult topics explained with great ease and simplicity

Peter M

This is a highly professional presentation. It's easy to follow and you can take the course at your own pace. I had no technological problems with it. The information is perfect for those who are keen for a refresher or who are new to the area. Sami manages to explain some difficult neurological topics with great ease and simplicity. Highly recommended.

I feel confident... to assess and treat posterior canal BPPV


Dear Samy, I found the course very informative. I have seen several dizzy patients already since completing the introductory course and what I learned has been valuable when assessing and treating dizzy patients.
The only problem I encountered on this course was with the editing problems which at times made it difficult to follow, but this I understand has been rectified now (thank you for sending through the updated email).
. Having done the introductory course I feel confident spotting red flags and central presentations and how to assess and treat posterior canal BPPV. I would like to learn further about vestibular rehabilitation techniques that aren't related to a BPPV.
I am very much looking forward to doing the 2 day course when it is up and running at some stage
Many thanks


Please send email to dizzycareacademy@gmail.com if you need further details

  • Will I get a course completion certificate?

    Yes. The course completion certificate can be obtained by taking the quiz with the required grade.

  • Whats the refund policy?

    We guarantee a 100% refund.

  • Will I be able to start practising the VRT skills that are taught in the course after the completion of the course?

    After successfully completing this course, the clinicians will be able to put these skills into practice, however, the participants are advised to check and comply with the local policy.

  • Should the course be taken in one go or can it be taken in short sessions?

    One of the main benefits of this online course is that it gives a greater flexibility to take it either in one go or in as many short sessions as needed

  • Will I have access to the course contents and be able to take part in the discussion forum after completing the course and obtaining the course completion certificate?

    You have will have access to the contents be able to participate in the discussion forum for 12 months from the time of your registration, even if you complete the course within the first month.